Our Services

Investments & Savings

We focus on using a holistic planning approach to identify effective investment strategies, which take into account your other financial arrangements, risk appetite and financial goals.

Constructing a properly balanced portfolio having utilised a variety of asset allocation tools and planners is essential. We can provide advice on an “Advisory” basis or work with a variety of expert discretionary fund managers to offer an extensive number of investment options whether you are looking to generate income, strengthen your investment portfolio, save on tax or simply enhance your future wealth.

Pension Provision

With state retirement ages going up, increasing longevity, and many final salary pension schemes closing down. It is never too early to start saving for your retirement. Building an adequate pension pot for retirement can require a range of different investment strategies, depending on age and attitude to investment risk.  We can advise on a number of retirement options as well as your current arrangements and agree a financial plan with you to meet all your retirement goals.

Tax Planning

The best way to mitigate tax is through the legitimate use of legislation, we are able to provide a variety of solutions in order to reduce your liability and maximise the tax planning opportunities that are available.

Estate Planning and Trusts

We offer advice about using the tax opportunities that are available when passing on your estate to your beneficiaries. This is important because as we don’t know when we are going to die; making arrangements now will help reduce any potential liabilities on death. From transferring assets into trust or arranging life insurance to cover potential inheritance tax liabilities, we can provide a discreet planning service that will make sure that when the worst happens, your family is provided for.

Family and Business Protection

Having adequate protection in the event of the loss of a family member, whether through death or illness can offset the financial distress on any family’s finances. In addition, if you or another key employee became unable to work, what would the consequences be to your business? We can establish your needs and put the perfect solution in place to ease all these problems. Even though we can’t stop the unthinkable from happening we can make dealing with the consequences easier.

Corporate Financial Planning

Good corporate financial planning is one the most critical elements of running a business. From developing tax efficient remuneration packages for directors and executives to making substantial savings by using employee benefits and group pension schemes (which are now compulsory due to the new Auto-Enrolment legislation), we provide a range of services to help companies, partnerships and sole traders develop and succeed by making them more financially secure.

High quality Mortgage and General Insurance services

We can provide independent mortgage advice for everyone regardless of whether it’s for buying your first property, remortgaging your current home or adding to your current property portfolio. We research the whole of the market, thus offering a truly independent mortgage service.